These blog is made to get the most out of the vustat apps for you. The vustat apps includes

  • Data Analysis. This applet provides the basic requirements for secondary school (like making a dot plot or calculating the SD). Comparing groups is a basic feature.
  • Sampling distribution. You can draw the sampling distribution from many distributions. The sampling process can go very slow to give opportunity to explain the process and can go very quick to get fast results. Separators are provided to see the percentage of outliers.
  • Distribution. The shape and basic properties of 10 distributions (normal, binomial, hyper-geometric etc)  are given. With separators you can find left and right side probabilities.
  • Resampling. There are 10 apps for bootstrap and randomization in different situations.

You can start these apps at www.vustat.eu

These apps are in 13 languages including English, German, Dutch, French, Polish, Japanese and Chinese. You can switch immediately from one language to another.

Teaching material and teaching ideas will be a basic feature of this blog.

These blog is intended too for communication between the users of the app. We welcome very much your experience  or suggestions about the apps. If you want to get information about new posts you can add your self to the mailing list. If you want to post yourself on this blog please send me an email